Corporate Financial Advisory

Churchill Enterprises is home to a great team of corporate finance professionals who between them have decades of experience in the assisting of company management and owners to analyze their companies current financial situation. This enables the company to prepare themselves for the future, by knowing in depth what their current position is. We provide each of our clients with a number of services in both an advisory capacity and a services capacity these include;

- Maximizing shareholder value through acquisitions or divestitures
- Balance sheet restructuring to augment profitability while maintaining financial stability
- Evaluating the appropriate mix of debt and equity
- Raising capital in the private markets

Churchill enterprises also works closely with our clients to be able to put a value on their business for a large number of different reasons. Our team are able to assist you in providing a solid valuation for both your senior team and board of directors if they need it for;

- Mergers, Acquisitions or Divestitures
- Capital raising
- Unsolicited offers
- Purchase / Sale agreements