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Churchill Enterprises offer a large range of strategic and transaction specific advice in all areas of M&A including mergers, acquisitions, privatizations, takeover defenses, committee assignments, strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

Churchill Enterprises specialize in offering capital raising services for our clients. Our capital raising and equity funding department provide our clients with in depth advice as well as direct access...

Churchill Enterprises is home to a great team of corporate finance professionals who between them have decades of experience in the assisting of company management.

Our Mission

Our Mission - Churchill Enterprises
Our Investment Principles

Our vision at Churchill Enterprises is to maximize your potential in the M&A sector, and minimize any potential loss by ensuring that the information we present you with, is both accurate and produced in a timely manner. We rely not on speculation, but on hard evidence supported by in depth research. We aim to bring you the opportunities that will change the way you invest.

Benefits & Risks

Advantages of Mergers & Acquisitions as part of your portfolio.

The benefits of being involved in mergers and acquisitions as part of a balanced portfolio is the ability to gain exposure in one of the most profitable market sectors of today’s world. Some of the benefits include;

  • Diversification of your portfolio
  • Generation of wealth
  • Cost-effective investment strategies
  • Access to a large network of M&A researchers
  • Controlled market exposure
  • Revamp Underperforming investments

Why Clients Choose Us

Experienced Professionals

Churchill Enterprises work transparently in an atmosphere built on trust and camaraderie, where each member of our team works in unison with others.

Top of the range Services

Churchill Enterprises are committed to providing our clients daily with the best value and services within the M&A sector.

Competitive Pricing

Churchill Enterprises provide their clients with a service that provides value through their straightforward commission structure, and additional services.

Churchill Enterprises are one of North America's leading Merger and Acquisition advisory firms located in Canada. For the last decade we have had a strong focus on the heart of the global economic community: the mid-market. From well-established industry leaders, to new companies who are just setting out, clients of Churchill enterprises rely on our expertise and level of service for all of their M&A transactions, debt advisory services, in detailed accurate valuations and more.

With our excellent track record of precisely timed executions backed by our industry expert team of researchers working closely with our international teams, we assist each of our clients to reach their goals, by showing them the best possible results, and always working to outperform their expectations. With the exceptional results that we have shown our clients we have quickly become known as one of the leading merger and acquisition advisors and strive to remain that way.

Meet Our Team

Anthony Harris (Business Expert) - Churchill Enterprises

Anthony Harris

Business Expert

Dick Mathison (PR Manager) - Churchill Enterprises

Dick Mathison

PR Manager

Danny Truman (Marketing Expert) - Churchill Enterprises

Danny Truman

Marketing Expert

Gemma Chen (Senior HR Manager) - Churchill Enterprises

Gemma Chen

Senior HR Manager